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“Research is creating new knowledge”
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HelpMeSee leverages the power of research through Intramural Projects and Studies with leading Industry partners to explore and demonstrate the power of simulation-based training and the role it must play in the eradication of cataract blindness in the world.


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"HelpMeSee's leadership and team of medical officers have shared important insights regarding the importance of research to validate and accelerate the adoption of simulation-based training.  Collectively, these publications showcase the pivotal impact instructor-led simulation-based training can have on the eradication of cataract blindness around the world.”

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HelpMeSee President and CEO

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Identifies the lacunae in ophthalmic residency training and highlights how technological tools such as surgical simulators can be incorporated into ophthalmic training with good results.

The Way Forward — Embracing Technology in Cataract Surgical Training

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Evaluates simulated surgical outcomes among surgical trainees using the HelpMeSee eye surgery simulator.

Report on Trainee Performance

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Demonstrates the visual representation of surgery on the HelpMeSee eye surgery siimulator was extremely realistic. Showcasing extremely favorable outcomes, the article involves a face, content and structure validity study.

Face, Content and Structure Validity

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Focuses on developing a risk stratification system that predicts outcomes in patients undergoing cataract surgery. The predictive capability of these learning models was based on a large, real-world cataract surgical data set to determine which patients would benefit most from sight-restoring surgery.

Cataract Surgical Risk Stratification Models

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